Canadian Murals

‘adding vibrance to life’

Studio: 3516 Krestova Cemetery Rd. Krestova BC VOG 1H2

Phone: 1 (250) 551- 5523 

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Career History and Public Commissions                                                                                                     

2016: Water Cycles, BC children’s Hospital, Vancouver B.C., Mural completed for the main floor imaging waiting room 88’x8’.

2014- 2016: Cabelas Retail Stores, Completed 48 large scale murals for four new retail locations. (Moncton NB, Calgary AB, Abbotsford BC, and Ottawa ON). Most of the murals where painted off site on canvas and later installed on site. Some painted directly on site.

2013: Bath House Mural, at vacation home, Christina Lake B.C., Private commission, Indoor Mural, 10’X7’

2011: Pond Hockey, Community Center, Logan Lake B.C., Out door Mural, 20’x16′

2010:  Photographs , Living Arts Center, Christina Lake, B.C., 900 sq ft floor mural                    River Reconnect, Trail, B.C., Outdoor Mural, 265’ x 55’

2009: The Great Floods, Trail, B.C., Outdoor Mural, 56’ x 100’

2008: Paddlewheeler, Trail, B.C., Outdoor Mural,  30’ x 100’

History Blossoming, Fruitvale, B.C., Outdoor Mural, 16’ x 110’

Treasures, Christina Lake, B.C., Outdoor Mural, 15’ x 176’

2007: Everbean, Crescent Valley, B.C., Indoor Mural, 8’ x 14’

Trial by Fire, Trail, B.C., Outdoor Mural, 28’ x 80’

Kootenay Hotel, Trail, B.C., Outdoor Mural, 22’x 80’

The Boardwalk, Belfour Plumbing, Trail, B.C., Outdoor Mural, 24’ x 100’

2006: Broken Glass, Portland, Oregon, Private Commission, 3’ x 8’

Untitled, Portland, Oregon, Private Commission, 6’ x 6’

Birch Triptych, New York, N.Y., Private Commission, 6’ x 6’

NYC Skape, Element Night Club, Castlegar, B.C., Indoor Mural, 45 ’x 15’

2005: Smoke Eaters Victories, Trail, B.C., Outdoor Mural,50’ x 100’

World Cup, Vernon, B.C., Outdoor Mural, 18’ x 90

Untitled, Bonnington Residence, South Slocan, B.C., 29’ x 8’

2004: Bonnington Youth Project, Bonnington Park, Nelson B.C., 30’ x 12’

Pensive Tortoise, Shambala Festival, Salmo, B.C., 15’ x 10’

Pushing Pedals, Calgary, A.B., 8’ x 8’

Kooteney Life, Prestige Inn, Nelson, B.C., 45’ x 13’

2003: Untitled, Vic’s Steakhouse, Canmore, A.B., Indoor Mural, 16′ x 5′

Untitled,  Indoor  Residence,  Vernon B.C., Painting, 14′ x 3′

Untitled, Wildways Adventures, Crescent Valley, B.C., Mural, 8 ‘x 8’

2002: Untitled, Valhalla Powdercats, Nelson, B.C., 4′ x 8′

Untitled, Still Eagle Clothing, Nelson B.C., 6′ x 8′

Sunflowers, Vernon, B.C., Mural, 7′ x 8′

Untitled, Still Eagle, Nelson, B.C., Mural, 6′ x 16′

King and Clapton, Salmon Arm Blues Festival, B.C., Back drop, 6′ x 10′

Untitled, Prestige Inn, Vernon, B.C., Mural, 118′ x 9′

Wetlands, Prestige Inn, Salmon Arm, B.C., Mural, 9′ x 38′

Untitled, Best Western Inn, Golden, B.C., Mural, 8′ x 64′

Untitled, City of Lumby, Lumby, B.C., Mural, 8′ x 8′

2001: Untitled, Helmut Sausage, Vernon, B.C., Mural 7 ‘x 17’

Untitled, Prestige Inn, Radium, B.C., Mural 22′ x 41′

2000: Untitled, Worked as assistant artist, Georgetown, O.N., Mural 40 x 100′

Untitled, Worked as assistant artist, Acton, O.N., Mural, 50′ x 30′

Gone fishing, Fishers Hardware,Vernon B.C., 12′ x 40′

Untitled, Vernon Graphics,Vernon B.C.,16′ x 10′

2001: DVA Mural Project, Downtown Vernon Association, Vernon, B.C.,  Assisted painting 10 large scale

heritage outdoor murals

Community Projects and Exhibitions:

2014-15: Participated in two Blue Night, Multi artist exhibition, Nelson B.C.

2006:  Boninngton Park Youth Mural Project: Taught and inspired youth aged 3 to 16 to paint their own mural

2005:  Kaslo Mural Project, Kaslo, B.C.:  Consulted , taught and painted with youth participants.

2004:  Art Farm, Winlaw, B.C.: Children’s mural painting workshop, ages 5-10

2004:  New Perspective Gallery, Spectra Artworks, Solo Show.

2003:  Spectra Artworks, Open Studio Show.

2002:  Brent Kennedy Elementary: Taught art classes to students age 7.